Wednesday, September 09, 2009

"...I know now"

When I was pregnant with Ashton I was SO sure he was a girl. When the ultrasound tech asked me what I saw on the screen I said "it looks like a girl to me." She looked at me and said ,"I don't know what you are looking at, I think this is a little boy!"

I was nervous. I knew what to do with girls- after all I am a really REALLY girly one. What would I do with a boy?

Now that we have him, he has completely stolen my heart.

that tiny body...

those little legs...

this sweet face...

and that little tooshie.

I can barely handle how precious this little boy is & cannot keep my hands off him!

I caught on real quick to what you do with a little boy. You pick them up, squeeze them, & never let them go.... at least until his "Choo Choo" battery gets charged!!! I'll take whatever lovin he can spare me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YOU are precious to me Ashton Honor
& your Momma loves you..

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