Wednesday, September 23, 2009

"some ballet & some BIG-girl advice!!"

I will NEVER get tired of seeing these little feet...
We got to ballet a little early last week- so I took
a few pictures of her "warming-up"!!

I only wish that ya'll could see how serious she is
while dancing... She has such talent- I hope
that she continues to love it for many more years!!!

she now LOVES to make phone calls- this little
message came @ just the right time... I needed a little
pick-me-up from a girl who knows how to give sound advice!!!
(Have I mentioned how precious she is? Don't just take it
from me.. you may ask anyone who has ever met her-
she doesn't disappoint- I promise!!!!)

1 comment:

  1. Dearest Ashly, My Favorite Daughter, I am so glad & thankful everyday that the lord gave you to us. You continue to amaze me everyday of your life. I want you to know I love the things you share w/me on a daily basis/ The kids are so cute & I wish I could be there every step w/you to help you. But you continue to make such wise decisions w/children you don't need me. LOVE MOM