Monday, September 07, 2009


soooo like a year ago I saw this commercial about a guy who started a shoe company & gave 1 pair away for every pair that he sold. I remember thinking that this couldn't be true? As it turns out- I was very VERY wrong. He did then & still gives his shoes to needy children all over the world today. I'm not sure if he knows the Lord, but I know that he is showing "the grace of giving". I hope that ya'll will go check out his site & get ya some TOMS too!!!! Just think of the little people that you'll be blessing...

these came today for the A-man
(with little navy buffaloes)

he will NOT take them off...
& I'm okay with that- we get to spread the word
about TOMS!!!! Somewhere in the world another little
boy is loving his tiny-TOMS too!!!

"But just as you excel in everything...-see that you also excel in the grace of giving"
~2 Cor 8:7~

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