Wednesday, September 16, 2009

"the trees are taking over!!"

well... it finally happened! After all the problems with the squirrels getting into the attic from "the trees". Then "the trees" moving & cracking our driveway (which I had no idea could happen). Now "the trees" have actually busted the MAIN water line to our house!!! I got a call from my sweet, patient, very very calm- husband @ work on Saturday saying "honey- now don't panic." "Is it the children?" I said in a panic. "NO- I said don't panic- we just have a little water issue" he said very casually. Now just between you & I- the main water line is NOT little!! But need-less-to-say... 4 estimates later- the girls are getting up-rooted this week. I do love those girls- they are beautiful & I love their shade, but I think that this is a must!!! I am sharing this as a lesson for ya'll- do NOT plant trees close to your home or in our case... buy a home with trees (particularly River Burch) close to your home......

p.s. I am trying to consider this trial "pure joy"- but it is difficult. However Josey reminded me this morning that "God makes ALL trees & he doesn't make mistakes!" So true- why don't I think more like her???

(one last picture of us with "the trees"
last fall... they were planted the year that we found
out we were expecting her.....)

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