Thursday, September 17, 2009

"I want ya to know.."

today I want to tell you about the BEST person I know... I remember talking to him once while we were driving to dinner & not hearing his answer to my question- he had jumped out of the car @ a red light to push a stranger's car off the road (in POURING rain). He is the kind of guy who when I picked him up @ the airport after a mission trip & asked him "where his bags were?" he said "they needed my stuff way more than I do!" He is the kind of man who calls to tell me that he will be home late because he is staying to pay for an 8yr old's exam & glasses who otherwise would not be able to afford them. And he's the kind of friend, (that when I need a prayer sent up or help with most ANYTHING from a hair trim to a splinter) that is there for me in a second!!!! He NEVER has to stop & think about what Jesus would do... he knows! I pray that my children read this one day & realize how BLESSED they are to call him daddy!!!!!!!! I also hope that they find their soul mates & are as happy as their momma is- (many moons from now- ha ha)!!!!!

(did I mention that this guy has seen to it
that my ENTIRE collection of the GILMORE GIRLS
was complete!!- all I have to say is:
"his mansion in heaven is going to be ridiculous!!!!")

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