Tuesday, September 08, 2009

"fun FALL finds.."

It has been such a hot one here in NC- I can't remember when I have looked forward to Fall this much before? You know that I am always on the look-out for good deals!! These are a few of my most recent
Fun Fall Finds & More....

if your kiddos are anything like mine-
they lose a mitten or 2 weekly...
I just picked these up @ the Dollar Tree
(A-man will be sporting his 1st scarf this FALL)

I have wanted a fun/air tight cookie jar for years now
(Cooner look NO more)
I picked this baby up @ TJ Maxx for $6.00-
they have tons of different sizes too!
LOVE IT!!!!!

another TJ Maxx purchase
this will be perfect for hosting:
either punch during BUNCO or candy
@ parties for my kiddos!!!
so FUN!!!!!

as always my new
Kraft magazine came this week..
free & so inspiring for FALL cooking!!!

this little precious string of beads
came from a Bargain Den for $2.50
(I hear that metallic is BIG this FALL)

FALL is the best time to think of next
summer... I found these little super cute
J Crew-cuts shoes for Priss for $2.00
(they retail for $55.00)
I'll tuck these away for now.. but next
spring they will be a HUGE hit with her!!!

I found these these super fun Holy-Ween
things in the $1-$2.00 bins @ Michaels..
I LOVE Holy-Ween time!!!
ya'll get ready for some festive ideas from
Harris House!!!

now for my FAVORITE.. FALL find:
paint for Lowe's on SALE....
I begged my sweet husband to
over-haul our kitchen table with BLACK!
(it was white & looked very old for it's ripe old age
of 8- although I wouldn't trade in 1 paint or marker scar!!)
I think that your kitchen table should be a place
to make awesome memories with your kiddos..
I also know that Black hides a multitude of crafting mishaps!!!

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