Wednesday, August 05, 2009

"1st day of 1st grade.."

well.... I made it through drop-off. I held back the tears until it was time to say goodbye. Priss hugged my neck & motioned for me to hear a secret... She whispered "Momma don't forget to come back for me O-kay!" "No worries my love- I will be right back- you just have a FABULOUS day!" I quickly said (pulling my sunglasses down so she would not see the tears). I LOVE THAT CHILD. I asked Joey last night if it would be too forward to express my LOVE for her to Mrs. White & that "I expected her to take impeccable care of her in my absence." He said it was... so I didn't..... I pray blessings over their day & that GOD holds her even when I can not.....

all ready for her day
(she has been packed since June..)

A-man insisted on holding her hand
(I hope that never gets old..)

a sweet familiar face..

A-man didn't even want to
ride his choo-choo when we got
home- he was VERY sad without
his Priss- he just sat down by the door...

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