Thursday, August 06, 2009

"we'll have to ask daddy"

(I swear- this was her just 5 minutes ago..
It is so true that childhood is a vapor..)

well.. when I picked her up- it went something like this:

(me) "so how was your 1st day of 1st grade?"
(her) "It was MARVELOUS Momma!!!! I even met a new girl. She's so nice & we have the very same bible- can you believe it?'
(me) "GREAT- what is her name?"
(her) "hmmm I forget, but we got 2 recesses"
(me) "WOW 2 recesses- I knew that 1st grade was gonna be great"
(her) "really??? I wasn't sure, but I know now that it IS!"
(me) "well what did you learn today?"
(her) "we learned the rules of the classroom & hey Momma- I have decided something.."
(me) "o-ya what?"
(her) "I think tomorrow I am gonna have daddy drop me off @ the curb & walk in all by myself. I know the way, my class has fish on the door!"
(me) "well let's see what daddy says, you may need help with the door..." (with a GIANT lump in my throat- I couldn't believe what I was hearing. This time last year- she was afraid to go to the bathroom @ school & now this??)
(her) "CHRISTINA- that's her name.. It's Christina- she walks in all by herself Momma. But you know what?"
(me) "what's that love?"
(her) "her Momma doesn't put notes in her lunch............"

p.s. Joey said he thinks that it's a good idea to continue to walk her into her class. PRAISE GOD for sentimental husbands!!!!!!!

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