Sunday, August 23, 2009

"happy Sunday"

Priss getting baby Anna all ready for church!

A-man getting ready for church
(he did manage to stay clean!!)

Josey helping us with nursery duty today...
(ALL the 2 yr olds LOVED her & followed
her around the entire time- 1 little boy in particular!!)

A-man in the tunnel...

BIG sisters=BIG help today
Josey & Sami Grace
(both named after their dads-
Joey & Sam)

little siblings=precious
Ashton & Anna Lou
(loving snack time!!)

Joey passing out
2nds & 3rds to his table..
(he is such a push over- no wonder they
loved him so...)

hanging out after church @
Camelot Park!!!

we had a blast with an alfresco lunch
& a very long over due park date!!!


  1. Josey is gorgeous, i love her outfit! and A-man wins the most handsome hair award of all 2 year olds ever!Glad you all had fun in then nursery...if only the Corbster could have been one of your nursery attendees! :)
    love kristy

  2. Your little ones are just too cute!! I'm glad to see you doing so well! Take care.