Saturday, August 29, 2009

"GO Momma!!!"

His music class starts in 2 weeks, but he is ready "NOW" (his new word- for better or worse)!!! He has become quite the little drummer. We have gone through 3 sets of drum sticks now- but what can I say?? He is VERY enthusiastic & Passionate about his music- ha ha! He sings from the top of his lungs during his solos with "I want Daddy.... I want Papaw.... I want Priss... I want Momma.... I want Tucker!!!!!!!! It is precious & very VERY loud!!!!!

can you guess who got a package in the
mail today?? Cooner has just barely had time
enough to cut off her hospital bracelet & this came
today!!! Now you can see what I have been saying-
she thinks of everyone EXCEPT herself!
(What are we going to do with her????)

1 comment:

  1. Dearests, I love the boots on him & the hat & it looks like he has made some time for the cars too. I love you all & again thanks for all your help when I couldn't help myself. Love & prayers MOM