Monday, August 03, 2009

"calm before the STORM..."

well... we are back from the beach. We had such a great time with the Hayes'. As soon as we got back- Joey started feeling "a little sick"- which QUICKLY turned into "maybe I should go to the hospital & get fluids".. which thankfully ended with me calling in a favor to get some anti-nausea medicine- which resulted in him trying to go to work today??? Anyway I have a BIG day today starting with laundry & LYSOL- then ending with 1st grade orientation tonight. Here are a few pics from the week- ENJOY!!!!!!!!

Josey, Ashton, & Jaylee
all watching ALF together...

Daddy, A-man, Priss, & Tucker-
all cruising the neighborhood
(this was a daily event)

Papaw treated the girls
to pedicures & a BIG trip
to Claires....

night swims were
sooo FUN!

her "friend" party...
(she was the perfect hostess..)

her "family" party
(she requested Paula Deen's
ooy gooy butter cake- GREAT choice!!)

giving A-man a little attention...
(he loves his Priss like NO other..)

the boys- taking
a little drive @ the outlets..

the girls- looking
tres chic in their matching dresses
(notice the hair wraps..)
thank you Uncle Travis!!!

Tucker did NOT have to ask
his Uncle Joey twice to ride the waves
with him- Joey adores the ocean!!
The boys mastered both the skim & the
boogie boards.
(Papaw..... well he donated a hat to the
the Atlantic ocean during his attempt)

A-man playing Knights &
swords with Uncle Travis-
he LOVED being around
those rough & rowdy boys!!!

Daddy & I enjoying
our last day @ the beach
(thanks Cooner & Daddy for
a GREAT Va-cay- you went above
& beyond for ALL of us!!!)

we decided to give Priss
her gift from us when we got
home from the beach...
I must say she seems very grown-up
with her I-pod..
(but she still looks little to me..)

please keep Joey in your prayers- may this stomach mess be OVER!!! I praise GOD for the relief that he has had so far!!!!!!!!!!! & may we all stay WELL.

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