Friday, August 21, 2009

"laughin' & cryin'.."

well week #3 of 1st grade is nearly over & what fun is to be had! She is making salt & flour maps of NC in history, acting out verses in bible class (her only hang-up is that they don't wear costumes), & playing "tennis kick n ball" (she gets her athletic abilities from me- unfortunately) in PE. The first day she had PE, she was telling me about playing "tennis kick n ball" (you might know this sport as kick ball- what can I say?) she said "& Momma guess what- one time I even actually did kick it!" "fantastic Love- I bet you were great!" I said. "No mam I really wasn't, but I bet they can't make a ribbon rose can they Momma?" "I bet not, we all have different talents!" I said smiling. "Sports are not our thing Momma, crafts are right?" "RIGHT Priss!" I said laughing. Then I heard my own thoughts coming out of her tiny mouth- "maybe we should make some fun shirts to wear while we play tennis kick n ball Momma?"

p.s. I went to see "The Time Traveler's Wife" last night with the BUNCO girls- I am sorry to report that I have NO pictures! We were in NO shape for driving afterwards- much less pictures & smiling! I cried SO hard that I totally annihilated 5 concession stand napkins & had to resort to my DRY CLEAN ONLY sweater for the rest! It was fun getting out girls, but I am reading the previews first next time -ha ha!!!!!!! Can't wait until next month though- you girls are precious to me!!!!!

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