Monday, August 10, 2009

"simple as that!"

alright I have a few things to share this morning:

#1 custom flip-flops-

I found these basic flip-flops @ the Dollar Store
on summer clearance for 50 cents!
Then added ribbon for a sweet/boutique look.
Josey & her gang love them- I think that
I have made about 20 pairs this summer.
(super easy- just cut ribbon to size &
hot glue. I fray checked the ends so they
keep the look for longer & of course
a matching hair bow would complete the ensemble.....)

#2 shells for show??

last year Josey needed a shell for
show-n-tell. Can you believe that we had none?
I mean really- we live on the coast, we go to the
beach every few months, & yet no shells. So this
summer we picked some up. I was amazed at how
beautiful they are. I cleaned some up, then sprayed
some clear coating on them. They look pretty enough
to display- I love them in the living room for summer.

p.s. Cooner took an entire COOLER of shells home from the beach this summer......

#3 dessert for her..

so in an effort to stay ahead of Mrs. White (ha ha).
I wanted to make a special dessert for her lunch
(it's a BIG deal to get to take a lunch this year).
I decided on Rice Krispy Treats with a Twist.

3 tble spoons butter
1 jar yummy mello creme
(melt in large pan)
add in 6 cups of cereal
(Fruity Pebbles were just the thing!)

my grandmother used to wrap all
of her cookies & fudge individually-
I loved that- so I decided to try it out.
Now each piece is a little gift.
I hope that this little treat brings a
BIG smile to her when she finds it!!!

this little guy
ADORES them....

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  1. Dearest, I love the Pacer hat. He looks sooo cute I could give him a kissing whippen now.... Love. Cooner