Friday, August 07, 2009

"my girlfriends.."

(Me, Jodi C, Michelle, Catherine, & Jodi B)

(Michelle, Jodi B, Jodi C, Tina, & Me)

My girlfriends are so precious to me, but often I forget to tell them! I get pretty wrapped up in this life of mine & forget that being a good friend is what makes "good friendships". They have been so wonderful to me over the years. We share advice about life, love, & ALL thing child-related. I only recently came across these pics. They are from my bed rest stint. Joey organized a little non-slumber/slumber party for me. They ALL came in their PJ's with a fun snacks & we watched classic 80's movies. It meant SO much to me. We all got together last night (we try to do it quarterly).. I just want to say how much I love you gals- you are the BEST!!!!

me & you little A-man
@ 25 weeks!!!!
(it is hard to believe how far
you have come my darling son..)

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