Sunday, August 30, 2009

"my YES day.."

Alright so... Joey & Josey have been away this weekend- little Ashton & I have been all by ourselves. We have had a super-fun weekend, but I must admit that my wrestling skills are NOTHING like Joey's (and I am alright with that)! So I have to look for other ways to woo my little 2 yr old??? We went to a gold-fish pond & fed the fish (many quarters worth)... We shopped & even dined out together- who knew that I would do something as crazy as that @ a non-dollar menu venue without Joey? Ashton has been the perfect gentleman- he has been the best "man of the house" around here. I am sure that his daddy will reward him when he gets back (I hear that he has a new car for him upon his arrival). Anyway today I have decided to have a "yes" day. When he asked to wear his giant watch to church- I said "yes". When he asked to brush his teeth 3 times- I said "yes". When he asked to take his drum sticks in the car- I said "yes". When he asked to wear his Thomas the Train boots to lunch- I said "yes". When he asked for an extra cookie for dessert- I said "yes". And when our neighbor visited with their dog & he asked for a puppy- I said "yes"- well kinda...

this is our new "puppy"
or mouse or rat or cat or whatever?
Anyway it is his new little friend- he LOVES him.
He is the perfect combination- he has eyes,
he doesn't bite, he doesn't poop, he was free, & he is quiet!!

I found him in A-man's bed..
He had tucked him all in- how precious!!
Did you really think that I would get a puppy?
(HELLO- today is a "yes" day not a "crazy" one!!)

please keep my precious travelers in your prayers. Harris-house is a bit lonesome without their sweet faces!!!!!!

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