Wednesday, August 26, 2009


As a mom- I am constantly looking for fun &
inexpensive entertainment for my kiddos. I have started
to look ahead more & make the most of practically
everything! It can be so fun being creative on a budget...

these plates came from Disney World with
nearly every meal (the coasters came in the room under the glasses-
fresh everyday). I know that I must have looked CRAZY packing these trays up after meals, but OH the fun that they just keep having with them!!!
(I think we have complete place settings for 6)

this book came from Ashton's
check-up. They let you pick one &
it is his absolute favorite book right now..
"I Love You Through & Through"

I feel a little guilty sometimes- making
dresses for Priss & her babies so today
I decided to try out my boy skills???

1. I started with a piece of cardboard..

2. drew a fun pirate sword & cut it out-
I think every little boy needs @ least 1!!

3. then added some aluminum foil & paint!
by my little A-man
(I'm sure that it won't last forever, but who
cares @ this price? & now he knows that
I love him just a much as her!!!!)

PRAISE REPORT- Cooner is headed out of the ICU this morning- praise JESUS!!!! She will stay in the hospital 1 more day- just for observation, then she gets to go home. Please pray that she has a fast recovery & that she does EVERYTHING that she is suppose to......


  1. Love this, Ashly. I'm so glad to find your blog. I will have to stay current with your precious little ones and your terrific ideas. Lord, one day I want to grow up and be like Ashly and have my own blog! So much fun, and free, too! Love, Suzy (P.S. Thanks for the strawberry breads - sound fun and yummy. See ya' in the morning.)

  2. This is awesome Ashley.. Eli is going to be a pirate for Halloween and this is perfect!!! YOU AMAZE ME.. Your a awesome mom!!!!!!!!