Tuesday, December 15, 2009

"our Howling good time..."

Well... I have tons to tell ya'll about our fun-filled weekend! How about I just show you pics & you can see for yourself???

We started with a party @ the club house- where we made cookies, drank hot cocoa, & went caroling around the neighborhood. Priss LOVED the singing part the most!

Ashton LOVED the eating part the most!

Then.. we ventured off to the Great Wolf Lodge (indoor water park) in Charlotte!

It was ALL decorated for Christmas- completely beautiful!! I think there must have been 100 fireplaces with 500 Christmas trees everywhere!!!

The kiddos had a ball, but you know my eldest (Joe) loved it the most!!!

There was TONS of fun all around including story-time in the lobby with characters, singing, & a snow storm! (the kiddos thought it was the best thing ever!)

They got to sleep in bunk-beds that looked like log-cabins (complete with their own built-in TVs) I think that they could get used to this sort of treatment??

Priss spent LOTS of time in the craft-room (YES you heard me correctly... they had an entire room dedicated to beads, jewels, paint, & more fun). I must admit that I too loved it there...

A-man played it safe in the toy room with fun cars & computer games...

They BOTH adored the arcade- where A-man won the "grand prize" with 1 single token= he won 165 tickets! The bells & sirens were ALL going off- we felt like we were in Vegas! He of course traded them in for a CAR!!! (I really was shocked that they actually had 1 they we didn't)...

They (of course) begged to stay for 1 more snow storm & a quick game of I-spy with the "kid club director"... so we did!!!

We finished up our trip with some shopping :) & a pit stop @ the Raush Motor Speedway Museum... A-man was BEYOND words. He was soo excited he went potty 2 times & just kept saying "WOW O-boy.. O-boy". It was PRICELESS.

I L-O-V-E spending time with these folks!!! We had a super-fun-time together, but now we all have super-not-fun head colds... O-well I asked Priss if it was worth it? "Definitely momma, I don't mind if my nose falls out all day long- I ADORE that place!!"

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