Thursday, December 03, 2009

"Thanksgiving Bloomfield-style"

Our visit with the Hayes crew was equally as enjoyable, although I must say that my times with Cooner seem so SHORT!!! We arrived in time to help a little with her Thanksgiving feast! She made all the trimmings complete with a 30 lb turkey, 5 different pies (including pumpkin from YES a real one), 2 cakes, homemade yeast rolls, fresh cranberry sauce for Joey, 7 layered salad for me, & persimmon pudding that was to-die for! She ALWAYS goes above & beyond for family dinners, but this time was award winning!!! I am only sorry that I didn't get a picture of her table- it was breath-taking (I was too excited about eating & completely forgot)! Kristy, Dean, & Corbin stopped by to see us (she didn't approve any pictures so... you just have to take my word that Corbin is edible!!!

A-man got his hands on these 2 planes that belonged to my dad when he was little... He pretty much played with those things the entire time. He tucked them into bed every night while we were there. I think he was afraid they would be gone when he got up. He still asks for them every morning! Thanks Papaw for sharing your toys!!!
(p.s. Travis & I weren't allowed near them when we were little!)

~Joey & I~
getting ready to eat our weight in yummy goodness!!!

2 of my favorite purple-people-eaters in the whole wide world!!!

~mother & daughter~
finally together again

Priss & Jaylee Kay played & played for hours. They are so precious together...
(p.s. Priss got a be-dazzler from Cooner & Lucy Danyell got a new outfit from Uncle Travis- both girls were VERY pleased!!!)

Tucker & Ashton picked right up where they left off last month with wrestling & cars. I asked A-man who he wanted to see the most in IN before we left- he said "Tuck-ter". He LOVES that boy more than words can say!

Cooner & Papaw treated us to a day @ the French Lick In-door Water Adventure! WOW I have heard about this place, but it was sooo fun. Although I think that Joey loved it the most- he just kept begging me to stay with Ashton so he could ride the "big" rides!!! I love that the little boy in him is VERY much alive & well...

my boys
@ the end of slide- they were so fun to watch together!

Josey & Ashton riding a dolphin!

completely fearless. He didn't even want anyone to ride with him @ the end of the day!!! I'm starting to get a little nervous about the beach & the pool next summer?



  1. You got some great pics of the family this trip!(muncie and bloomfield)Too bad dean and i weren't as photogenic this time! :) lovin' all the thanksgiving blogs!P.S. you're new professional family pics are rockin!