Monday, December 21, 2009

"YEAH- we are on break..."

Well.. Christmas break has officially began! We went into the city after church yesterday & finished up ALL of our last minute stuff- hooray!!! I just have some wrapping, baking, laundry, cleaning, & thank yous to write today- wait a minute... I NEVER really get a break! But... I do have my Priss home & that is good enough for me. A-man is happier than a little clam with his Priss by his side. We may NEVER let her go back to school again???
Here are a few pics from her class party on Friday- enjoy!!!

This is Ashton ready to go decorate the classroom for the party- 2 hrs before we left. He insisted on wearing his "pack-ack" like Priss...

Priss dipping into the plethora of goodies @ the party... She did however get apple slices & carrots (without being asked). I wasn't going to prompt her- I wanted to see if she would choose wisely by herself- yeah for you Priss!!!

I wish that I could say the same for the A-man. Once he spotted the chips & cookies- he had to be "gently persuaded" to gobble up a carrot or 2. I love this picture of Ashton & William taking it all in... with some cheetos! They were the perfect little-brother-helpers!!!

Mrs. White snapped this quick picture of the "Happy Birthday Jesus" banner. The children were SO surprised when they came in & saw the classroom. The politely thanked me- although being called Mrs. Harris still seems strange? Prissy's friends usually call me Ms. Ashly. I felt like a real grown-up... funny funny!!

~My Priss & Me~
I am so thankful to get to do these things with her!!!

Priss & Hannah Mae with their new books from the book exchange. I LOVE the book that Priss got- "The Princess & the 3 Knights" by Karen Kingsbury. PLEASE get this book for your children. It has the best story & the pictures are beautiful. I read it to the children 3 times when we got home. It is PRECIOUS!!!!

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