Wednesday, December 23, 2009

"a little of this & that.."

Sooo this morning has been a bit of a whirl-wind- although I do LOVE entertaining. We are hosting group tonight & I want to make it a little special (since a certain pretty important guy's birthday is in 2 days & we have a BIG reason for celebration). Cooner always taught me that your table should be a gift to your company! So.. I thought of making it look like a present. I had to settle for this ribbon because #1. my other Christmas trimmings are in the attic & I promised my MIL that I would not got up there again without another "tall" person present.. & #2. my most accessible "tall" person is on call & won't be home until the other guests arrive.... Anyway I think that it turned out pretty. On a side note- YES the glasses & silverware have finger smudges- I had A LOT of help & I wouldn't want it any other way! They are very excited about tonight as well!!!

Prissy & I transformed the last of our custom travel mugs worthy of any "Jedi Knight". I hope that JP, Luke, Noah, & Ashton enjoy them!

Desserts will be simple & delicious! We are serving poppy seed/lemon bread, Apple Bread, triple-choc-chip cookies, Christmas candy, & some super festive reindeer & gingerbread cookies from the bakery (yes I do cut corners too)...

I FINALLY found crock pot liners- these little guys are hard to find here in NC, but the Harris gang swears by them & I'm all for an easy clean up... I can't wait to get into this ham- my house is smelling yummy yummy!!!

This picture cracks me up- I looked down & my "mini me" had gone up & put on black tights too. Then Ashton ran & got us each our matching slippers- PRECIOUS!!!!!

p.s. PLEASE pray for my nephew Tyler- he is having surgery on his ear this morning. Pray that it goes well & that they find the problem & are able to correct it!!!

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