Wednesday, December 02, 2009

"Thanksgiving Muncie-style"

O-kay folks... here are the MUCH anticipated pics from our Muncie stay in IN... Grandma Harris TOTALLY out-did herself with wonderful food, fantastic desserts, & of course excellent gifts!!! The children found themselves smack dab in the middle of heaven- where Priss decided that "next to Jesus- Grandma Harris is the nicest person in the world!" I had to smile knowing that children really are a great judge of character!

Josey was finally exposed to the ciber-world of web kins? Allisony helped her get acclimated with the whole thing & yes she now can adopt ALL on her own!!! THANKS Al for being so sweet to my girl- she loves you almost as much as I do!

Uncle Jeff found himself on the floor on MORE than 1 occasion! I bet you can guess who's idea that was... why the A-man's of course!!!

I called her "mine" & kissed her little face off!!! I could almost hear my little A-man saying "me bebe Paige Momma"... He loves me to hold him like a baby & rock him @ night... So I do! with a great BIG smile on my face the whole time!
(Michelle is my most recent bow-making-mama-maniac convert!! She caught right on & I can't wait to see some of her work in the future!!)

We finally got to return to Joey's home church (it seems like forever since we have been to Westside). We were greeted with many sweet familiar faces. I just love Pastor Larry- he radiates Jesus & you can feel His presence from the moment you hit the door!!
(These are the Christmas clothes that Grandma Harris got the children- they sported them Sunday morning of course!!)

Aunt Carol picked this bath-tub set out for Ashton- he now begs to get & stay in the bath even more.. I didn't think that was even possible. So fun & NO mess- yeah for me!!!!

How did Lucy Danyell enjoy her trip? I know you are dying to know... Well she got a present too from Aunt Michelle- her own little ballet & warm-up suits (with leg warmers)! Josey was ga-ga over it!! It was the first thing that she showed Cooner when we got to Bloomfield!

I snapped this little silly pic of my MIL & her boys!!!
(l-r= Jeff, Joey, Jamie, & Jean in the front)

THANK YOU Harris Family - we miss you already!!!!!

p.s. Did ya'll notice the new pics on the sidebar? We just got them done by my sweet friend Jodi! Go check out her blog- she's AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!

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