Friday, December 18, 2009

"FAB for FREE..."

O-kay this is my new FAVORITE accessory (and anyone that knows me knows that is huge). It is super sassy & didn't cost a penny... Do ya'll remember my post about Anthropologie pins (I heart them)? Well this little number is similar, but way WAY easier!

All that you need is:
thread & needle, scissors, & fabric (I used an old Good Will coat- turned pilgrim skirt for Priss from her school play- turned FLOWER...

First cut the fabric into petals (I wanted mine really full- so I used about 15) varying sizes depending on how big you want yours? Next layer them (I used some of the silk lining too- it makes it have more depth) until you like what you see...

pin it together & hand stitch the entire flower together...

pinch it in the middle & hand stitch across..

do the same in the other direction...

I LOVE this little booger- ya'll will be seeing this A LOT so get used to it!!! It would also make a great gift for teachers or other super sassy gals.
Now go... get cutting!

(I wore it to Josey's Christmas program last night- I told ya'll you'd be seeing it A LOT)!!! The program was precious- Priss was quite the little performer doing ALL of the motions that I've seen around here the last few weeks. A-man made friends with a little girl & shared his cars (although when she took 1 to show her mother, he followed VERY close by to retrieve it... Joey cracked up watching him "mother" his little treasures.

p.s. A-man & I are headed out to Josey's school this morning. While they are watching the Nutcracker- we will be busy decorating the classroom to surprise them for their Christmas party. I hope the children enjoy the fun we have in store for them (ya'll know that there will be a craft involved- ha ha ha)... Ashton has been waiting to see what is in the bags for weeks now!!!

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