Friday, December 11, 2009

"my day in numbers..."

(3) number of times that I dropped & had to pick up an entire sandwich bag of goldfish while already late for a MANDATORY meeting @ the hospital...

(1) number of dollars I had in my wallet when I drove through McD's to get A-man a snack from the $1.00 menu... I needed an extra 7 cents... I had to use the ol' debit!

(26) number of DVDs that fell out of the car into a wet/muddy puddle when we finally got to the meeting...

(300) number of people who were @ this meeting... all much MUCH older than the ripe ol' age of 2!

(123) number of times that Ashton "accidentally" kicked the seat in front of him during the meeting.

(123) number of times I whispered "I'm sorry... I'm so sorry" (I must add that he was sitting on my lap & it was VERY tight seating)...

(6) number of times that Ashton asked to go the the "potty" in a very NON whisper voice during the first 30 minutes of the meeting.

(0) number of times that he actually needed to go... He has a new found fetish of what bathrooms look like these days???

(3,488,018) number of calories consumed by my 2 yr old during the meeting in various forms like: McD's nuggets, goldfish, granola bar, cookies, M&M's, teddy grahams, suckers, & chips...

(13) number of times that my phone rang during the meeting (although I did remember to put it on vibrate- after the 1st interruption!)

(1.5) number of hours that Ashton & I spent @ the meeting

(400) number of hours that the meeting felt like!

(15) number of people (including the precious woman sitting in front of us) who complemented Ashton on his behavior.

(8) number of minutes LATE Josey's class was getting out of school today...

(1,000) number to times that Ashton asked "where's Priss?"

(2) number of children that asked if we could make "something really fun for dessert" with straight faces when we got home from our very VERY long day....

(10,000,000) number of times I wished we had family close by to help me today!

(googolplex) number of times that I would do it ALL over again!!! Although it can be (at times) a little more than I can handle... I wouldn't have it any other way!

p.s. Our Christmas BUNCO was the perfect ending to my CRAZY day.... although you ladies sure do take the Chinese gift-exchange to a new level -ha ha ha (I got what I wanted- FINALLY)!THANK YOU
Amy for being such a great hostess!!! You always do it up right for us..
(we missed you Lauran & Susan)


  1. I hope you have a great weekend with your family! My day was topped off yesterday by me getting locked out of the house in 15 degree weather! The kids were upstairs playing and didn't come to the door forever-- I have told them they don't need to come running everytime the doorbell rings. The one lesson they have listened to!! Oh, the joys of motherhood!!! :o)

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