Tuesday, December 08, 2009

"shop the house-part 3"

So in the spirit of ALL things FREE & beautiful, today we are making something for us!!! I love the look of Anthropologie (I heart that store) rose pins, but they are $outrageous$. I tried this little project & it looks equally as stylish & I made it out of scraps.

step 1: cut some fabric into varied sized widths. You could use your hubby's old dress shirt, a fancy out-grown-skirt from your kiddos, a silky nightgown with paint stains (wait that's mine), or anything else that you like.

step 2: fold the peices, pin, & straight stitch all the way across.

step 3: pull one end of the thread (very carefully as to NOT break it)

(...until they look something like this)

step 4: position the ruffles on top of eachother until you like the look.

step 5: hot glue them together & smile at your little piece of style-heaven!

step 6: pin it onto a fitted sweater, jacket, or scarf & show it off!!!

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