Monday, December 07, 2009

"so happy together..."

yesterday... Prissy & I spent the whole day together & it was practically perfect in every way! We slipped out of our church clothes, curled up in my bed, & watched Pollyanna for I think the 100th time, then I introduced her to "White Christmas". OH the memories there- that remains my VERY VERY favorite Christmas movie of ALL time (can you hear it in your mind- "sisters..sisters.. there were never such devoted sisters"?)!!! We whispered secrets in each others ears & played "mirror me" until we both cried from laughing SO hard! We sang every Christmas carol that we know from the TOP of our lungs all the while missing Cooner (who completes our trio). Then we crafted of course (I told you that it was a perfect day)!!!

Anyway... it was one of those days that I want to remember ALWAYS! I look forward to many MANY more days like this with you. I love you little daughter of mine...

p.s. We made ribbon rings. They are super fun, super easy, & SUPER stylish!!! I will share how we made them later this week...

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