Thursday, December 10, 2009

"another part of their story..."

Wanna see what we did yesterday??? O-kay!

Yesterday was Ashton's last day of music class (for this semester). He was very excited to give Ms. Nicole her teacher-gift, but even more excited to play the drums!!!

Ashton & I pausing from the drums for a quick pic- he was a little less interested in me & much MUCH more interested in getting back to his 1st love...

Later Josey hosted another play-date with her sweet friend Hannah Mae. The girls were so precious & can I just say that I LOVE this stage! I think that they had a ball... Here are the keys to a very successful cookie decorating-ring making-cocoa drinking-cookie eating-play-date!!!

First- start out with some Monogrammed Aprons of course!

then- get tons of candy, sprinkles, pastry brushes, icing, & COOKIES and let them decorate until their little hearts are completely over joyed...
(This is my very FAVORITE Christmas tradition. I have been painting cookies since I was 6)

(did I mention that I baked ohh 4 dozen??)

then- teach them how to thread a needle & introduce them to the world of "you can make whatever you want if you can tie a knot @ the end of this".
(Josey was quick to show HM the ropes & pretty soon they had finished their rings...)

so... they made some for their girls!
(Lucy Danyell & Mia of course!!!)

finally- they stopped for a tiny midge of a second to drink a cup of hot cocoa from their fun new mugs... (but only a little bit Jenny- then we filled them with water so they could down some MORE of their cookie creations oops!!)

Prissy & I finished up the evening decorating this little snowman cheese ball for
my BUNCO Christmas party tonight- yeah!!!!

I had a list of things that didn't get done. They didn't even notice that the dishwasher was full of clean dishes & that the mirror in the bathroom needed a good cleaning. We had oodles of fun & it was one of those very memorable days that will become part of their story----a story I am so grateful to be part of.

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