Wednesday, June 10, 2009

"a mini maya wrap in minutes"

Priss (like every cool momma) notices EVERYTHING when it comes to babies. Yesterday morning she called out, "Momma wait til you see what I made. Wa-La don't I look just like Miss Jenny?" "Yes", I replied just like her. I was blown away at her take on the popular Maya Baby Wrap. So much so, that I ran to my scrap bag & made her a custom one of her own. She was so proud that she toted it to the dentist, the market, & even the pool. Who knew that 5 minutes & a piece of fabric could bring that much joy to my Priss? By the way.... I have another craft list to execute then we will get back to some fun summer projects soon.............

her design-
she wrapped a baby blanket around
her shoulders (ALL by herself)
& tied it perfectly!!!

my design-
a fun summery print scrap-
safe enough for any of
my grand-daughter-dolls!!!

don't you love how their little minds think? They aren't interested the most expensive or the best brands- they just use what they have. I LOVE 5yr olds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

p.s. Priss asked me to be her "girl-of-honor" when she gets married.... I of course said "YES, but you do have time to change your mind Love." "Momma I won't change me mind, I'm going to let my yes mean yes like Jesus says!"
Thanks for your prayers @ the dentist- We all got a great report. NO cavities & NO meltdowns... PRAISE GOD!!!!!


  1. I LOVE IT. HM and Anna have slings for there babies as well..of course I did not make them, but it looks easy enough. What a good mommy she is=) and proud to say she notices the way I tote william around=)

  2. Dearest, I too love 5 yr olds & have 2 of them for my Granddaughters now. How blessed I am. Yes Priss is so creative for her age & I love it. I love it she includes her Mom in all her up coming events. Some day you will turn around & she will be grown. Hopefully a boy with a big moving truck won't carry her away half way around the country. love the blog keep it up!!!!! LOVE YOU ALL, MOM