Thursday, June 18, 2009

"a trip worth remembering"

Our trip had many great memories, but a few stick out very boldly in my mind..

* Calabash Seafood Buffet LOST money on A-man (2 & under are free). He easily ate more then Priss & maybe even me?????

* Priss finished EVERY "I love this day the most" quote with a "but not more than Jesus" quote. She was quite the little witness to tons of folks in SC.

* Ashton went down the water slide by
HIMSELF (totally against my good sound judgment, but Jeoy insisted & Ashton LOVED LOVED LOVED it!!!!!!! Joey walked him to the top & I caught him @ the bottom). He was TOTALLY fearless of ANYTHING water related...

* Priss picked out her 1st GRADE school bag & matching
lunch bag (or course). I was a little sad, but they are precious- I must admit...

* We all stayed up later than usual & got up @ exactly the same time as usual??? I wonder why??? Maybe because the beach makes people lose their minds. Take me for example- I let the children have dessert for breakfast. I actually heard myself say "yes". We ALL took the "why not we're on vacation" motto to the EXTREME extreme. But not to worry... I am back home & back to my usual tally of their daily fruit & veggie intake!!!!!!

* Priss was introduced to the "LTC" network & "what not to wear" (one of my old favorite shows). Now this is her VERY favorite thing to play. I get to be Stacy & Joey is.... you guessed it- Clinton!!!!!!!! ha ha- he is a very good sport though!!!

* Ashton used the big-boy potty A LOT during the trip. He really did an amazing job. We probably only used like 6 diapers total the WHOLE trip........ He went EVERY time that we went. He would do ANYTHING to stay with Priss- what can I say????

* I went out by myself..... now this may not seem big, but it is. I am totally direction challenged & usually refuse to even try.. but I went & LOVED it!!!! It was so fun to be out @ all the fun shops.... and wait until ya'll see my great deals!!!

much more from our summer holiday to come.....

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