Wednesday, June 03, 2009

"fruits of our labor"

O-kay I have to show ya'll our little harvest. We (Priss & I) decided to try our hands at a little garden. I wasn't sure even where to begin, but Daddy coached us through the whole thing (even calling me to remind us to water- though little does he know that Priss lays hands one them & prays for them daily).... Anyway they are BEAUTIFUL. I even put out some spinach & baby greens in my hanging flower baskets too. The children I knew, would be much more eager to eat something that they grew!!! They loved their first little fruits. Priss ate an entire salad without protest- can I get an AMEN????? Anyway I am definitely going to try a raised bed next year, but here are some pics from our patio-garden!!!

this is "Teco"
her delicate heirloom
tomato Plant...

this is "Terrell"
his manly early-bird
tomato plant...

this is some of the baby greens that I planted.
they look so pretty in the flower baskets &

Priss loves to pick it for me...

We eat so much salad- I think that this was a very
wise investment- total of
seed sets= $1.50

(we will have organic salad ALL summer)

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