Wednesday, June 24, 2009

"you do the math"

We are just starting our 3rd week of summer & starting school already.... Not real school, but a summer program that I bought last fall. I looked into the whole home-school idea & learned a lot about curriculum. Josey is such a smarty- she wants to do some school over summer too- so who am I to protest learning??? "I really want to be ready for 1st grade momma" was her response when I showed her the box of supplies I had been saving for such a time!!!! She informed me & showed me that she can MULTIPLY!!!!!! Can you believe that? I was shocked. She said that her & daddy do it every Saturday while I'm at work- what I guy I have!!! Anyway I quickly called him to sing his praises and found out even more to praise. I bet that you didn't know that my sweet, handsome, incredibly thoughtful, & precious husband was BRAINY too. I JUST found out that he tested out of college calculus during his entrance exams- I didn't even know that it was possible............ THANK GOD- he is now totally in charge of the childrens math endeavors from here on out!!!!!!!

@ the Harris School of Loving & Learning:
bathing suits are the uniform
you go out for recess even if it rains.

and EVERYDAY is take
your little brother to school day...

this is her progress poster from day 1-
pretty impressive!!!!!!!!

"But in love You have delivered my life from the pit of destruction, for You have cast all my sins behind Your back..."
~Is. 38:17

last night I took little A-man to the ER (the second trip in 3 months). He is fine- he fell & busted his face up pretty bad. "He will never even remember this day or see the scar"- were the words from the MD... "I will NEVER forget it & I give GOD all the praise for sending his little angels to protect him"- were my words.... He just looked @ me with a queer little laugh- I'm not sure if he thinks that he did the work or not, but I know that GOD was in charge!!!!!!!!!!! once again I say.. THANK YOU to Jesus for ALL his miracles- no matter how small.

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  1. what a great idea! that is awesome that she loves learning so much! :) poor ashton, that is so sad. :( your right though, it could have been worse and angels did protect him. God is Good all the time!
    kristy and baby