Friday, June 19, 2009

"we LOVE waterparks!!"

Well this the water park where we stay. We have been going to the same beach (North Myrtle) & staying @ the same place (Kingston Plantation) for 8yrs now!!! We LOVE it & HIGHLY recommend it to others. Here are some pics from day 1....

this is it!!!!
notice the huge bucket on top- it fills
with H2O then dumps & drowns

EVERYONE in it's path
(including my just turned 2 yr old)

who LOVED it more afterwards??

notice the teeny tiny
little orange bracelet on the arm @
the bottom left of the picture-
the one right under the bucket...
do you see it??
it's ASHTON'S!!!!!

this is the boys on the
"Lazy River"
(this was a little too calm
for the A-man..)

this is little Priss-
(now not so little)

going down the slide all by

this is the boys flying down together...
1 time of the 1,000

this is A-man taking a much
needed break @ the
baby pool-
where all the other
2 yr olds hang out-
I didn't see
any others his age
going down the slide.
(he couldn't take his eyes off
of the big slide..)

They shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint."
~ Is. 40:29-31

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