Thursday, June 04, 2009

"thankful THURSDAYS-5.."

It remains in the 90's here so its easy to say what we are thankful for today...... the POOL!!!!!!!! I love having one in our neighborhood. I am thankful for Mr. Bantz- who does all the upkeep. It looks so beautiful & clean everyday!!!! The kiddos adore it & love hanging out with their buddies. Although I must say this summer is already much different than last- Ashton is fearless. You may all add that to your prayer lists for me- keeping Ashton safe this summer!!!!!!!! Josey is a little fish- swimming everywhere. Ya'll come on over & swim with us anytime.....

p.s.- gone are the days of this float- he decided he didn't need it anymore after this picture was taken. I guess it was too SAFE for him. He much prefers jumping in off the side & playing on the steps.......

1 comment:

  1. too cute! i wanna come over and swim! have fun and don't forget the sunscreen! :)
    love ya, kristy