Tuesday, June 30, 2009

"3's company"

Yesterday I didn't get a chance to post because we had a little bit of company.... We watched little Eli for the day & Ashton was in the height of his glory. He thinks that he is as old as the closest boy around, so yesterday he was 3 (just like Eli). I wasn't sure how Eli would do for a whole day, but he fit right in. We- played with cars, then cooked for awhile, then played on the playground, then rolled some play-doh, then played with some bugs, read a little, ate a little, played in the sprinkler, raced the cars awhile, drove the train, played baseball, played basketball, pretended to be pirates with bowl helmets, played the drums, sang @ the TOP of our lungs- did ya'll hear us?, ate some more, played some more, then we ALL yawned A LOT, they got a bath, then I'm sure that he slept very well- I know that we did!!!!!!!!!!!

finally Priss could take NO more
of all the barefoot, dirty, bug-touching
boys... She wandered in to play with
Lucy Danyell & get away from it all!!!

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