Wednesday, June 17, 2009

"my 100th post.."

Well.... we are back home from the beach... our plants are very sad (they have been a little neglected) & so are we!!! It is good to be home, but we had a blast together. I got to shop & see just how out-of-touch I really am with fashion... But not to worry. We all updated a little bit & got some amazing deals @ the outlets. One thing that I really saw & loved were these super fun chunky beaded rings. Have ya'll seen them? Well I couldn't find any that I loved or that were at a price I loved... But once we got home & unpacked I had a brain storm... Could I make one???? I quickly asked Priss for permission to rummage through her dress-up jewelry box (odds & ends that have been collected even before there was a Priss). I found the perfect gaudy clip-on earrings. I glued them to some fun "mood rings" (do you remember those?) that I found @ the beach for cheap cheap. They look amazing!!!!!!!! Better than I could have even shopped for. So today is your lucky day too friends.......... I am gonna give one of the pair away in honor of my 100th post. Send me a comment or e-mail & I'll let Priss pick later this week. Good luck- they are sooo sassy!!!!!!!!

my camera died early on in the trip, but I will share pictures tomorrow.....

"For He gives to His beloved, even in their sleep..."- He is faithful ALWAYS, even in my post vacation sleepy days......

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  1. I want that ring! i can't believe you made that! you have talent oozing out of you! :)love,kristy