Monday, June 01, 2009

"a little of last week"

Well.... we made it through our crazy week. School & Ballet are officially over for the summer. Kindergarten is a thing of the past...... I cried most of Friday! Now this will not come as a surprise to most of you, but to my new friends- this is just who I am & I make no excuses for it!!! She looked so grown when she left the house for the program. Then once we saw her there, among all the older children... she looked itty bitty to me! However my tears were quickly turned to laughter once Ashton picked her out of the crowd. He calls her Priss (and has a little trouble pronouncing his R's)- so during the program (in the most in-opportune times like prayer & quiet time) he would yell out from his toes to his nose "HEY PISS". Yes everyone died laughing & I must say it lightened my heart. But "PISS"- I mean really.... we are going to have to get working on the "R" sound around here SOON!!!! Here are some highlights from Thursday & Friday.

we ended our crazy week with our Friday-Night-Dinner @ the graduate's choice restaurant- Chili's!!!! Where she was surprised by her daddy when the waitresses came singing & brought a special dessert to our table.......... She just kept saying "this is for me???? ALL this is for me??? I love graduating!!!"

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  1. Aww-these are such good pictures! I love the one of you and Ashton! Adorable! and Josey looks beautiful as always! Happy Graduation Josey-you'll love 1st grade! :)