Tuesday, June 09, 2009

"I spy with my little eye"

My A-man is following in his father's footsteps very quickly. He has recently taken a HUGE interest in the EYE world & all things "MAGNIFIED"..... He is so serious with them & I'm told by a very reliable source (Priss) that he loves to play in the office when he goes with his daddy. I had to share a glimpse of his day on the job....

I think we might have another
DR. HARRIS on our hands....

these are the best family fun activity!!
I bought these for the car trip to the beach..
They retail for $15.00 each (I found
a lot of 4 from e-bay for $5.00)

p.s.- it is time for our 6 month dentist check-up today... If you think of it, please say a little prayer for us. Josey thinks that they are going to pull her 1 loose tooth and is terrified, & Ashton is meeting Dr. Hudson for the 1st time (he has no idea whats in store for him). I'm sure he will make a great impression- ha!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Dearest. I am getting happy thinking of seeing you soon. I miss you all so. You have captured little A Man's future in those pics. He looks like a Dr. w/ those glasses on. How old was Joey when he started wearing glasses? Keep up the great blogging!!!!! LOVE YOU ALL MOM