Friday, June 26, 2009

VBS 2009

Today is our last day of VBS @ "Crocodile Dock"- our theme... Priss has LOVED LOVED LOVED seeing many of her school friends (from different churches) & A-man has LOVED LOVED LOVED the snacks..... and well since his momma happens to be volunteering in the "snack shack"- he has the inside scoop of ALL the yummies!!!! It has been a great week. I am ALWAYS amazed how GOD shows up & totally makes it awesome for everyone. Last Sunday night we prayed for VBS. I prayed for: "a great turn out, for all of the decorations to look fun & exciting for the kiddos, & that the snacks would go over well." Josey prayed for: "GOD to speak to the children about Jesus & help them to talk to their mommas & daddies when they got home about Him!" You have NO idea how humbled I was after she finished..... Anyway that opened my eyes & my prayers changed from there on out for the week!!!!!! Here are some pics- I didn't get a chance to take many...

all of the kids are gonna wear these
matching shirts
on Sunday & sing on the
"BIG STAGE" - in Josey's words..
(of course A-man needed one too...
even if he will be cheering on his
Priss with me off stage!!!)

p.s.- we had over 250 children; the decorations, crafts, & snacks were a HUGE hit!!! and... EVERYONE heard the name JESUS.... I can hear Priss in the living room singing as I write this- I wish that you could hear her precious little voice...

"our strength will rise as we wait upon the Lord, we wait upon the Lord, we wait upon the Lord.."

I can't wait to see them all on Sunday- I bet some folks will be coming to church for the 1st time- even if it is to see their little ones.... keep them in your prayers!!!!!! Have a GREAT weekend!!!!

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  1. ok, i guess it was worth my sacrifice of not getting to talk to you all week b/c of vbs. you have been pardoned and i love the pics of josey and ashton! :) darling!