Monday, June 22, 2009

"what not to wear- Disney Style"

Priss took "what not to wear" to a whole new level @ the beach.... We played it @ the Disney Store- ohhh what fun was to be had.... I must admit that I had as much fun as her with all the fancy things- they have such a better selection than we do here!!!! (and check out the dressing room- oh lala)

A-man couldn't pass up ANY car.... He must have driven 20 different makes & models. I think he prefers them even to FOOD.... but I could be wrong???

this is Ashton BEGGING Josey to play cars with him...
she did finally cave, but not without a "tiss"!


VBS starts today- please keep us in your prayers.... I know that this may be the ONLY time some little folks get to hear about Jesus!!!!!!!!

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