Monday, June 08, 2009

"drum-roll PLEASE!"

Are ya'll ready for this??? last night.... my little A-man....... went PEE PEE in the big-boy potty!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We nearly scared him to death with ALL the "support" we screamed during & afterwards. He LOVED it- high-5-ing ALL of us. It was so funny how it happened. I have been trying to get him to sit down (I thought that would be easier), but he prefers standing... Who knew? Anyway- this does NOT mean that I am throwing the diapers out, but at least I know that he can (if he wants..)!!!! Praise God for tiny miracles too. I think we will start the potty-parties next week & maybe pick up some big boy undies @ the beach..... Does anyone have any tips for boys & potty training???

I hope that this little picture doesn't offend anyone.
I want
my sweet boy to see himself
one day & how far he has come...

I have to get a few shots of these little
matching outfits that I made-

Joey says this is the LAST summer
A-Man to wear jon-jons.....

I LOVE him in them!!!
(maybe I will try to applique
a GI-JOE man on the next one
in hopes to persuade him otherwise??)


  1. I love how Josey is right beside him in the potty pic!!!! Love our little mommies=) miss you guys.......lets get them together soon=0

  2. Dearest, The kids look so big Ashton looks so cute I think he will be out of those logged diapers soon. Priss looks sos cute w/ her dress you made great job Ashly truly. i love the outfits..I have some great surprises to send soon. You look so cute in that pink wrap dress too. Tell Josey to keep on encouraging him she is a great big sister & I am sooo proud of her. How is Jim & Jean haven't heard lately. MOM