Thursday, June 25, 2009

"summer finds.."

lately I have gotten some stellar deals & I had to share some with you!!! Now is the time to go to tag sales & discount stores- people are ALREADY trying to get rid of summer stuff to make room for winter. NOW is the time to get the things that you want @ a great price....

I found these fun stick-on letters
for Josey's room @
the Dollar Tree for..
you guessed it- $1.00

these super cute & comfy
bathrobes came from the Disney Store
marked down from
$40.00 to $8.00
(& they have tons of costumes
on clearance for Halloween??)

Josey picked these out for
1st grade next year.
(they are last years prints &
were 40% off- now is a great
time to plan for school..)

I found this little book-light
for Joey- He LOVES it.
(it was $1.00 @ the Tree-
they can cost more than $20.00 on-line)

I love this brand of shoes-
they have the cutest shoes &
are sooo comfortable- they
were marked down to...
$8.00- YEAH for ME!!!

now... get shopping, but be frugal. There are deals out there just waiting to be found.... Let me know where/what you are finding these days?????


  1. Ashly!!! Where did you find that CUTE bag and lunch tote with her name on it???? I have to get a set for my daughter!!!
    Thanks so much!

  2. I found it @ a store called "anything joe's" they have the CUTEST stuff ever!!!! We go every summer- You can contact them on the web @ anythingjoes.com. GOOD LUCK ~Ashly