Thursday, June 11, 2009

"bon voyage.."

Well... after MUCH preparation, list making, & packing. We are ready to leave on holiday for the beach. Josey & I have fresh pedicures & manicures- now we just need some sand to walk on & show them off!!!! I can't wait to see how much fun the kiddos have this year @ the water park. Last year Priss was just old/tall enough to go on the "little water slide"- she has been praying for a growth spurt.... I will fill ya'll in on the outcome. Hope you have a wonderful week too. I'll meet you back here next Wednesday........

these are from our holiday last summer....

please keep us in your prayers- may we have a safe, sickness-free, fun, & relaxing time together. I look forward to this every summer. I am sooo thankful for family trips- I know that someday soon they will be grown & wanting to do something WAY cooler than play with us on the beach.... But until then.... I want to make the most of today with them!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. are you home yet? i miss you!!

  2. Dearest, I have missed the beach. I had so much fun w/you all last yr. The place is the most wonderful I have ever been. Up at the top is Kingston Plantation. I am all alone now no Trav Or Bud. Love MOM