Tuesday, June 02, 2009

"much ado about NOTHING"

Yesterday marked the beginning of our summer. So to commemorate the blessed day.... we did..... NOTHING!!!!!!!!!! We stayed in our PJ's most of the day, crafted a little, watched a movie, & RELAXED!!!!!!!!! It was so fun & WAY over due.... We also set some goals for the summer: Josey wants to ride a big-girl-bike & A-man wants to potty in the potty- or at least that is what we want for him.... Hope ya'll are having a great summer too.

this was the first scene of my day-
the 2 of them
resting together.... She always
has to leave while he gets to stay
home with me
& finish Barney...
Today she watched it from start to
end. I love seeing them together. I know we are going
to make some great memories together this summer!!!

prayer request- please keep my MIL Jean in your prayers. She is having a Cardiac Stress Test today. She had an abnormal EKG last week. I pray for good results & peace during her test. Also my Cooner is totally eaten up with Poison Ivy. She is going to the clinic today. I pray for quick relief & for her to stay OUT of the yard for awhile......

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