Thursday, February 26, 2009

"5 minute makeovers"

Ok, I just read this article about loving what you have and being content in YOUR circumstances!!!! This was hard to swallow, but soooo true. I look around my home just itching to make it look like a picture straight out of "House Beautiful". Well, I am here to tell you that- you CAN love your home!!!!! Start by changing things around- using what you have. My girlfriend Catherine is my trusty consultant (she is an expert in ALL things beautiful)!!! I called her just yesterday about painting my hutch BLACK- yes I said it BLACK!!!! Cooner is away and I need to bounce my crazy ideas off of someone. Try these simple/very effective concepts:

#1 make your bed!


so you see our mothers were right!
We need to make our beds EVERYDAY!!!

#2 just add light!

I just got this little lamp- and
I LOVE IT!! It adds so much to my
guest powder room- be bold and add
a lamp to your bathroom- you won't regret it!
I got it @ a consignment store for next to nothing-
I just painted it & the shades- my little masterpiece!!!

ok, this is Beatrice- but I affectionately
refer to her as "little Bit"- she now resides
in my kitchen. She is the perfect night light!
I loved having a lamp in the bathroom so much
that I decided to add one to the kitchen- I must
say that I LOVE her too- who knew???

#3- add things that you LOVE!

this is A-man really, really getting into
HSM-3. This is the first movie that he
has ever "willingly" watched (look close
& you can see tears- he wouldn't
even blink- he was so into it)!!!! Anyway
children make every room warm and inviting!!!

I have been known to do crazy things to my home in the past: (paint tile, float sofas- thanks to Cooner, & completely overhaul chandeliers- thanks to Catherine) all of which turned out great! Do not be afraid to go for it. I promise that nothing is really permanent- unless you decide to alter the integrity your cabinetry with black paint.......................

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"I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation. I can do everything through him who gives me strength." Phil 4:12-13


  1. That birdy lamp is adorable! Making the bed makes SUCH a difference. It makes me happy to come home to a picked up house.

  2. Love the birdy lamp. I love having a lamp in the kitchen and/or bathroom. Much more cozy.

  3. Your spaces are lovely. I especially love the wallpaper in the bathroom and all of our colors.