Monday, February 09, 2009

"fancy pants"

what to do, what to do..... I got the word only today that Josey could wear "denim" to school for Valentine's Day!!!!! I quickly rummaged through her closet and found- some only 1 pair of jeans (Prissy does not like things that do not twirl)- I'm not sure where she gets it from??? Thankfully she has a sea of PINK to choose from!!!!!!!!

I recycled last years jeans (they were too short anyway)
& added some fun ribbons for color. Next I added a "J"
to a $3.00 t-shirt for a quick V-day ensemble!!!
It's a big deal to get to wear "real clothes"
when you wear a uniform everyday....

now for the Valentine's Day cards..... We, and when I say "we", I mean "I" wanted something fresh and different! "Why?"- Joey asked, "can we not just go buy some and be done with it?" to which I replied, "I think I can make them cheaper". He then was a GO!!!!!!! I love knowing the way to my husband's heart. I drew a cartoon figure of Josey and added some paint. Next we were off to get: color copies, ribbon, & treats bags...... She personalized EVERY one of them- it was time consuming, but OHHHHH how precious. She even polka dotted them all on her own!!! It is so neat to see her creative side shine- I am so proud of my little Priss!

don't you think that her writing and extra
touches are OUTSTANDING!!!!!!
I think, in the words of Jenny, you should:
"say it loud & say it proud" ALWAYS- whenever your
kiddos are concerned!!!!!!!!!!!

next on to the box- I remember back in the day when you made one @ school. Well our "show & tell" this week is to bring in your own crafted original- this was right up my alley...... I recycled an old Victoria Secret box and added ribbon- (of course) and hearts. This was a no-cost project- Joey's favorite. It turned out sooooo cute too!!!!!

p.s.- aren't ya'll so thankful that GOD makes pretty things???? Just take time today to appreciate His work, (your children, your friends, your home, and anything that brings joy to your life) !!!!!!! you like me will be in awe..................

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