Tuesday, February 10, 2009

"the little things"

If you are anything like me you understand the term using your "good"- (meaning china, recipes, linens, & manners for that matter) only when company graces your home. Today I you to treat your family like guests...- after all biblically speaking they are Royalty. I know how much Josey loves using the fancy china- lets use it (maybe not everyday, but at least regularly). Why not for heaven's sake pull out those cloth napkins that you registered for as a wedding gift. Light some candles or make a special dessert. These memories are priceless and time is slipping away very quickly with our little ones- I know my oldest child (Joey) likes little special touches too. He is the first- (NO Josey ALWAYS notices things first), to notice me going a little out of my way. Make the most of your time with your dear ones, I know you will be blessed 10X more!!!!!

here are some ideas from today.......

it's as simple as putting a special marshmallow
in her hot cocoa...

and cutting the french toast with a
cookie cutter. I promise ALL will adore you!!!

Now in keeping with the Tuesday "ballet night" theme. I leave you with a little flashback...

@ 2 yrs

@ 3 yrs

@ 4 yrs

Now @ 5 yrs!!!!!
how precious every minute
has been with her!!!!!

here is my darling A-man!!! He loves
playing with the other brothers waiting for their sisters
@ ballet. He is such a great sport- I know that
soon he will be involved in something and Priss will
have to wait on him for a change......

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