Monday, February 23, 2009

"good things"

Today I am sharing a different kind of post. My Grandma Sissy use to always say "if you share from your garden, your crops next year will yield plentiful"- and I believe that. Soooo I am sharing some of my top-secret "good things" that I use almost everyday. They are tips that make my life happier, more organized, and simply put "easier". I do not expect perfection in my household, but I do strive for it!!!! Try out some of my little gems and let me know what you think.....

here are 2 of my favorite things:
#1 the model- precious, but not for sale!!
#2 his bib- it is FANTASTIC!! it gets used & abused
daily without complaint, is dishwasher safe, and looks
great even after all of that. It has an adjustable neck- so it
can be used for yrs. I got one as a baby gift for Priss
and I have bought several for others since.
This is soooooo great- pass it on!!!!!!

this is our "kitty caddy"- it is ALWAYS
out @ our breakfast nook. I think that having
fun craft supplies readily available is a must!!!
During down-time, unexpected phone calls, or
even with playmates over- it is a great activity.
Art builds creativity & confidence in
our little ones. Fill one up with colored paper,
markers, crayons, or anything else that fuels fun.

Kay & Kim Frigidaire...
these girls almost make doing
laundry a pleasure.....
focus on their "under-carriage"- drawers.
I love them for 2 reasons:
#1- they raise them up, so no bending
over to put clothes in or out.
#2- they house 12 rolls of paper towel,
ALL my detergent bottles, trash bags, lint rollers
ironing stuff, dust clothes, and I still have room left.
They are a WONDERFUL organization secret.
(p.s. Lowes sometimes has scratch & dent
models for very cheap)

I love to store my sugars & flours
in glass containers. They stay fresher longer,
they look great, and you can see @ a glance
when you are running low on anything. This proves
very helpful when making your market list.

Hang some hooks low on the inside
of your coat closet. This helps the children
learn responsibility by hanging their own coats
up. It also saves you time trying to get everyone
ready to get out of the house each day.

this is our "craft closet"- it is really
just a cabinet that I converted. It is
perfect place to display ribbon on the
door and store small (often used) craft items.
I used inexpensive boxes from TJ Maxx to organize
not so pretty stuff like: tissue paper, scissors,
stationary, stamps, stickers, etc. It was super easy
to make & it gets used EVERYDAY!

I love my child's art like no other,
but our fridge was out of control.
sooooo we created her "WALL OF FAME"
I hung a miniature clothes line in the stairwell
(the perfect use of wasted space). There with some
fancy hand painted clips her masterpieces
can remain- at least until next weeks come home.....

this my friends is a "bag holder"
a simple concept, but oh how wonderful.
It is mounted on the inside of the pantry
door. I just put the bags away as I put the
groceries away. It is a great time-saver!!!

I know what you are thinking and YES
someone please slap me if I make another bow
for my child!!!! These are our bow trees- (I am
embarrassed to say that this is only 1/3). They
are organized by color and size (not by accident)
thus allowing the choosing of the perfect
accessory very easy & timely- everyday!!!!!

I really love this one. I keep this little
basket of play food & pans in my kitchen cabinet.
My kiddos pull it out EVERYDAY while I make
dinner. They cook & I cook- everyone
is happy- it works like a charm!!!!

keep your yucky "street" shoes
outside where they belong! I put an
inexpensive shoe rack in the garage. This cuts
down on germs in your house & keeps dirt
off of your floor at the same time.
This is a great first step for
"going green" @ home.

this is my "touch less" trash can
I love her A LOT!!! We understand
each other very well- when I have
gross chicken hands- she opens up, when
Josey has sticky Popsicle hands- she opens
up, when Ashton wants to put a pee pee
diaper in the trash- she opens up.
We are all SUPER fond of her!!!!!

what fun "good things" do ya'll use???

p.s. thanks for ALL of the good things ya'll have said about my Blog- it has blessed me tremendously!!!!


  1. yay- i love long posts! This is a fun one full of awesome ideas. i already have the plastic bag holder-best thing ever! I think those play kitchen utensils stashed there in ingenius! thank goodness for darling smart friends like you!
    i'm super jealous of your pedestals for you w/d. i just now got the w/d, so i better not push it,huh? ;) maybe next year!
    anyhoo, love ya!

  2. I love this post! I love that you have named the washer and dryer! I have the exact ones and I am with you I LOVE THEM!!!

    Thanks for sharing! Happy Friday!

  3. GREAT ideas that you posted!! I need all the help I can get, so I may steal a few of these!

  4. Thanks for sharing your great tips! I also have the hooks at vary heights on the inside of my coat closet. It seemed to hit me one day on the way from the door to the coat closet as I picked up coats dropped on the floor or laying on the couch! Thanks for sharing!