Thursday, February 19, 2009

"you set the tone"

Alright, so must who know me- know that I am a true "homebody". I AM- I can not deny it! Joey jokes (all to often I might add), that I could easily be a hermit. To which I reply, "I am content in my circumstances, what can I say??" I do love my home because in it dwells ALL that I adore: Jesus (we have had many a meeting during nap-time), my family, my sewing machine, and all others things that my right-brainy self likes to indulge in. Which brings me to my favorite room in my nest.... Now by room, I really mean closet- and for those of you who have been to my home, you know this is not an exaggeration!!! I simply converted a walk-in closet to a sewing nook, and ohhh what a glorious one it is! It houses yards and yards of fabulous fabric & trims, tons of fancy ribbon, and way more craft paint then necessary. I LOVE IT!!!!!! I close the door and drift off to blissdom. I know it sounds crazy, but I promise this is true- just ask Joey. He is amazed at how happy that little room can make me. There I can make dresses without interruption, paint without interruption, talk to God without interruption....- do you see where I am going here? So I am saying this only to encourage you to do something for YOU. Move your favorite chair to your room for a quick reading/sitting area. Plan a garden this spring- what fun that would be with the kiddos!!! Clean out a corner of your house just for you, or (like me) simply convert a closet. I heard it said once that "the mother sets the tone for her family each day"- what is your tone saying? Freshen it up..... Be bold and go for it!!!!!!!!!

this is it- nothing fancy to look @
but I LOVE IT. I just added a fun curtain to
hide all the mess, a lamp for extra light, and some
storage bins to house all of my gems!!!!

this came in the mail today- I knew instantly
that it was from Cooner. She definitely knows
my love-language! What a precious gesture- and for
no reason at all (magazine subscriptions are
a great gift idea), I want to be more like her.........

please pray for Cooner and the Aunts (her sisters) as they are heading out tomorrow morning on a cruise. Pray for safety and a great fun-filled time for everyone- they ALL deserve it!! Also please keep Daddy in your prayers- may he not starve with Cooner away (though I feel certain her pantry is stocked)......

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