Saturday, February 07, 2009

"fun finds"

sorry for the delay in postings- we have had some computer issues. It's funny, you think of a computer as something nonessential- not anymore gals. I NEED MY MAC. I use it everyday- weather, e-mail, school closings, etc..... SHE is an old friend and I'm glad to have her back. But.... due to the extended time on my hands- I went shopping and WOW what "fun finds" were to be had. I hope you enjoy- pass them on to friends and let me know if you have any to share... I love GREAT deals!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this is a designer brand diaper bag (found in many childrens boutiques)
that retails for $50-$100.00.
I'm going to have it monogrammed for Josey as an overnight bag-
it is very roomy with many fun compartments inside & out....

YES BigLots for only $10.00

I have been wanting some wall art for the childrens rooms
for a year now. I found some on-line but they were pricey @ $50-$80
a piece. I found these canvases @ BigLots for $3.00 each. I just added some
cheap craft paint with fun lettering and details (like the expensive ones).
What a deal- I know they will out-grow them soon,
but @ that price- no worries!!!!!

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  1. Ok, so i know you wouldn't find an adorable,inexpensive diaper bag like that and not get one for your longtime friend with child in Indy. I need to come to your Big Lots! Ours is nothing like that!
    Glad your computer is fixed! The blogging world has been lonely without you! :)