Wednesday, February 25, 2009

"organizing 101"

Alright- Josey has informed me that the little guy "ground hog" did see is shadow so we have like 3 more weeks until spring. I love spring-time because it means: beautiful flowers, green grass, and it begins my b-day party season for the kiddos!!! However it also means: window cleaning, gutter cleaning, clutter cleaning, and the ever popular POLLEN!!!! I always wash my windows 1 week too early- thus I always have to wash them twice- yuck! The gutters will be delegated to Joey this year. But, the clutter is for me. Where to start???? Well... I have decided that if we have not: worn it, baked with it, set on it, dusted it, played with it, talked about it, or eaten it in the last year- IT MUST GO!!!!! How freeing it is to purge- try it. Everyone can benefit from this event. You can donate items- try the pregnancy center (they always need baby stuff) or Goodwill will even come to your home for pick-up. I started consigning some of mine & the children's things last year. Tag sales are great too and you get all the profit. In both instances you can get a little cash back. Take it 1 room at a time...... I started in the children's room- first their closets, then toy boxes. I was amazed at all that we had that they haven't even missed yet (although I know questions will be asked with Priss gets home from school....). As a rule, they must willfully give from their possessions 2 times a year. First @ Christmas- they give away gently used toys to bless others, then @ their b-days- they get so much then that they never protest. This is a simple way to not let their rooms (ie. toys) get out of hand. They really do only play with certain favorites anyway. Next on to the kitchen- I love pretty dishes (this is just 1 weakness of mine) what can I say??? This is always hard for me, but I do love my cabinets afterwards. It kinda serves as an inventory of your home- you learn just what you have & just where it is. Then on to my closets (master, linen, game, & coat), the garage, and I ended in the attic. The garage/attic are both equally daunting places- I send EVERYTHING that I do not want near me to 1 of those 2 places...... But I can as you know "do all things through Christ who gives me strength"....... I first threw away all of the "old car wash towels"- I am not sure how much life they are suppose to have once they make it to the garage- but ours were ridiculous!!!!! They were replaced with some nice hand-me-downs from our bathroom and kitchen. Next on to lawn care items.... HANG THEM UP- it gives you so much more space!!! Then on to the outside toys (old empty bubbles, broken shovels from the pool/beach, miss-matched elbow pads, etc). The attic..... well I don't know how many totes of Christmas decorations that one needs, but we are stopping with 20!!!! I used see-through containers so I will be able to recognize what I need/when I need it. I only kept decor that I have used in the last year- it was difficult, but I stuck to the rule!!! Who knew we had all that junk??? Take your first step- just 1 room at a time. Get a schedule and do a little everyday- this way it doesn't take up your whole day and you won't hate me in the process. Organizing can be addicting and you will be so glad you did it!!!!!!!!!!

I moved all the board games, play-doh,
card games, puzzles, and dance mats to our
new "game closet". It was a cabinet in our
living room that really wasn't being utilized.
This freed up space in their rooms & is
convenient for family fun!!!!!

I hide un-sightly books and toys
behind this pretty curtain in
Josey's room. It was a very quick
fix to an ugly bookshelf!!!

yeah!!! I instantly have more
room to put new pretty dishes!!!!
until next year........

"Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed"
Prov 16:3



  1. So this post came at the perfect time! Just what I needed to get myself spring cleaning and unpacking those last few boxes that are tucked away in the closets and basement! Thanks for the great ideas!
    Have a great day! Nicole :o)

  2. Thanks for the motivation Ashly. I cleaned out our coat closet, pantry, and 1 bathroom cabinet today. I even took a load to the salvation army already. And I will be attempting the brownie/cookie dough recipe tomorrow to take to a friends house. Can't wait to try it.

  3. yeah- let me know how it turns out! don't forget to take it out early- you won't regret it!!!!!!

  4. Thanks for all the tips! Thanks for sharing! Happy Easter!

  5. Love the tips and the pollen is killing me this year....like never before...

    Enjoying a Saturday afternoon of blog hopping and all the Easter posts. Hope you will stop by and leave a comment....On Sunday night I will be drawing for