Monday, February 16, 2009

"just a pretty note"

I started the tradition to send little notes in Josey's snack bag many months ago. I thought it would be something from me that would help her not to miss me at school- (in the beginning drop-off was a bit hard for her- scratch that, BOTH of us)!!! I would simply write things like "I love you", "XXOX Momma" "Have a great day" ect. Friday- in all the excitement of her party @ school and with preparing for our special dinner, I completely forgot the note. I didn't think a thing about it. When we got home from school, after unpacking all of her fun Valentines and book bag- she said, "Momma I don't know all the words that you say on those pretty notes, but Mrs. Proulx and I looked everywhere for it and it was not there . Don't forget it tom. o-kay, it is part of my day". I felt so pleased that she even thought of the notes and moreover that she wanted them. Who knows when a "pretty note" can make someones day???

Josey's Valentine's Day Party Pics.....

Hannah Mae & Josey-
two of the most precious spirits that I know!!!!

Ashton & I @ Josey's party
I want him to stay little forever.....

recipe of the week: I make this with a yummy layer dip as an appetizer and something chocolate for dessert. It is great for company- it really takes no effort so you get to enjoy your guests .

Catherine's Chicken Tacos:
put chicken breasts along with 1 can Ro*tel
in crock pot for 4 hrs on low. Shred with fork-
put into taco shell and add fixins -(cheese, salsa, beans
rice, sour cream, guacamole, etc.). This is the
best/quickest family dinner favorite in our house!!!

Michelle finds out what she is having today. I'll update ya'll tom........


  1. aww, josey looks so precious! i'm glad ashton got to get in on the fun! i'm totally going to try those tacos. sounds yummy! later friend!
    love ya!

  2. I have tears my friend. DONT EVER FORGET HER NOTE AGAIN!!!!! thats funny you do that, i have a note on the front of HM's lunch bag that is a secret hand sign between us that means I love her. precious beyond words.

  3. P.S. I made the chicken salad and I love it. Dean suddenly doesnt' like poppy seeds- so Woo HOo!! more for me!! Thanks for the recipe my sista!